Chad Farrow, Hollis Brookline Coop School Board candidate

Office sought: Hollis Brookline Coop School Board, one seat, two-year term – Brookline

Name: Chad Farrow

Age: 34.

Address: 5 Kodiak Road, Brookline.

Contact information:

Years of residency: 7 years.

Family: Married; Wife, Noble; Children: Kieran, 5 and Acelyn, 3.

Occupation: Software Consultant.

Education: Tufts University, College of Engineering; B.S.E.E. 1999, cum laude.

Political history: Hollis Brookline Coop School Board member (January 2012-present); Little Laurel Preschool School Board 2009-11.

Question 1: What is the most pressing issue facing the Hollis Brookline Coop School District and how would you address it?

With a few weeks before the annual district meeting, the most pressing issue at the current time is the Coop budget. Being appointed to the board at this often stressful time has allowed me to get an in-depth picture of the overall process and what can be done to improve it. Without a doubt, the School Board and the Budget Committee needs to work together collaboratively, rather than being adversary. Those who attended the Budget Committee meeting earlier this month know that when emotions run high, proper results are never achieved. I envision the two groups moving toward operating as a more cohesive and interdependent unit. Steps have already been taken by both parties to reach this goal and I hope to further bolster the efforts to achieve it. In the end, all parties involved want the same thing: To make the Coop the best school district for our children and our community. We can easily build on this common foundation.

Question 2: If you could make one change to improve education in the Hollis Brookline Coop School District, what would it be, and how would you achieve this within budget? Please explain.

The Coop has a reputation of producing some of the best students in the state, as demonstrated by historical standardized test scores and college acceptances. However, in the last few years, there has been a noticeable slide in the results. It is imperative that we hire, and retain, the best teachers that can help us achieve those levels again. In addition, a strong focus on staff development is essential in getting our educators trained on the latest educational trends and technologies. This will keep them well-equipped in preparing students for the challenges in the road ahead. Meeting these goals within budget will be difficult, but not impossible. Several school districts across the nation have successfully implemented programs and policies to improve test scores without further burdening the taxpayer. However, the solution is never “one size fits all.” It will take comprehensive analysis to determine where the gaps are for the Hollis Brookline Coop and what we can do to fill them.