Hollis Sen. Peggy Gilmour receives NHHCA award

PEMBROKE – The New Hampshire Health Care Association is proud to present one of its inaugural Friend of Seniors Awards to Sen. Peggy Gilmour. This award is intended to honor lawmakers and government officials who have demonstrated exceptional care and consideration for the many seniors in New Hampshire who live in assisted living facilities or nursing homes.

This year, Senator Gilmour played a critical role in achieving the passage of legislation which will help ensure the existence of adequate financial support for people who live in assisted living residences or nursing homes.

“Senator Gilmour’s support for this legislation was not something that was unusual on her part. Year in and year out, she has been a consistent supporter of legislation designed to address some of the structural funding problems that exist in long-term care,” says John Poirier, President & CEO of the NHHCA. “A nurse by profession, she uses this experience and expertise when she is making legislative decisions. She has shown outstanding capability in being able to listen to her constituents and work respectfully and effectively with members of both parties in the House and the Senate, even at the most stressful of times. Senator Gilmour is truly a ‘friend of seniors’.

Senator Gilmour was presented with the Friend of Seniors Award at on Friday, December 20th at Kindred Rehabilitation and Transitional Care at Greenbriar. Residents and staff of Greenbriar and members of the New Hampshire Health Care Assocation were on hand to honor Sen. Gilmour for her service.