Harbor Homes in Nashua provides housing for 38 in need

NASHUA – Harbor Homes, a member of the Partnership for Successful Living, announced its success in providing permanent housing and supportive services to an additional 38 chronically homeless individuals and families, eight of whom are veterans, and anticipate two more to be housed in the coming days.

A safe and secure roof over the heads of our most vulnerable neighbors has been made possible by the agency’s Ending Homelessness Fund.

The fund’s mission, initiated in January by a small group of concerned citizens, is to raise the funds necessary to permanently house and maintain the chronically homeless in Greater Nashua, including Hollis and Brookline, in an attempt to bridge the gap from the amount of funds allocated by the federal government.

Since January, the fund has raised about $125,000 in pursuit of its $200,000 year-end goal.

Time is running out, and the fund must raise about $75,000 in just a few weeks to allow Harbor Homes to house all of the remaining chronically homeless individuals and families in the Nashua area.

“Chronically homeless” is defined by the Department of Housing and Urban Development as “either an unaccompanied homeless individual with a disabling condition who has been continuously homeless for a year or more or an unaccompanied individual who has had a least four episodes of homelessness in the past three years.”

These men and women are our most desperate and difficult to place in housing. They require the highest level of public resources, often have life-threatening medical needs and their mortality rate is two to three times higher than the general population.

Substantiated reports have indicated that this group comprises the highest users of costly hospital-based acute care and concluded that placing individuals and families in supportive housing can lead to improved health care costs, especially when frequent users of health services are targeted.

Gifts of any size are respectfully requested.

To donate, call Donna Collins at 882-3616, ext. 1242, or visit www.harbor