NH State Council on the Arts premieres online grant application process

The New Hampshire State Council on the Arts announced that applicants to its grant programs may submit their applications online.

Applying online eliminates the need for applicants to submit multiple copies of their materials, speeding up the application process and reducing the costs associated with color printing, which often accompanies applications from arts organizations and their partners.

Online applications are an option for all NHSCA grants in the coming year, but paper applications will still be accepted. Next year, all grant applications must be submitted online.

For those unfamiliar with applying for grants online, several customized training materials are available, including video tutorials and written documents for every NHSCA grant program.

“The New Hampshire State Council on the Arts is thrilled to kick off its 50th anniversary year with an online grant application portal, which will simplify the application process, increase efficiency for applicants and staff, and modernize the grant review process,” said Ginnie Lupi, director of the NHSCA.

“We’re excited to provide this service to New Hampshire’s arts community, and we look forward to their feedback.”

For more information, visit nh.gov/nharts/grants.