Hollis Troop 12 promotes six new Eagle Scouts

Hollis Boy Scout Troop 12 continues to demonstrate excellence in its scouting program, with another six Eagles promoted this past school year.

Statistics show that of any 100 boys who become Scouts in America, only four will reach the rank of Eagle, and at least one will say that he valued his Eagle above his college degree.

The road to Eagle is long and challenging, involving many hours of community service, leadership, rank and merit badge requirements, camping, hiking and a significant ser­vice project that must benefit the community.

These Scouts from Hollis Troop 12 met and exceeded the requirements, and were promoted to Eagle this past school year: Trevor Bowler, Jeff St. Hilaire, Ryan St. Hilaire, Alex Baryiames, Matt Thyng and Derek Wider.

There are 21 required merit badges, but Bowler earned an impressive 47. And for a period, he held leadership positions in the troop as quartermaster and assistant patrol leader.

The beneficiary of Bowler’s Eagle project was the Hol­lis Cal Ripken Baseball/Softball League, for which he re­built the storage sheds at Little Nichols Field and the Hollis Upper Elementary School field, and refurbished the team benches, as well.

He raised funds for the project by selling donated items at the Hollis Flea Market.

Jeff St. Hilaire earned 24 merit badges and held leadership positions as patrol leader and assistant patrol leader, along with a stint as the troop’s scribe. His Eagle project benefi­ciary was the Hollis Veterans of Foreign Wars, for which he refurbished and improved several of the veterans memorials in town. He reset stones and refurbished the landscaping at each memorial.

St. Hilaire raised funds for his project by selling donated food goods during Hollis Old Home Day.

Ryan St. Hilaire also earned 24 merit badges and was patrol leader and assistant patrol leader level, and he was the troop’s librarian for nearly a year. His Eagle project ben­eficiary was the Beaver Brook Association. He built a large wildlife blind overlooking Spatterdock Pond on Eastman Meadow Trail.

St. Hilaire raised funds for his project by collecting and disposing of used Christmas trees throughout town for a donation.

Baryiames earned 24 merit badges and was assistant pa­trol leader, and was the troop’s chaplain’s aide from Janu­ary 2010 to November 2011. The beneficiary of his Eagle project also was the Beaver Brook Association, for which he built two kiosks for Beaver Brook. One of the kiosks de­tailed the Chestnut Orchard restoration, and the second was an informational kiosk for hikers along the Hatfield Trail.

Baryiames raised funds by making and selling baklava – and the troop learned that he is also a good cook.

Thyng earned 22 merit badges and was the troop’s web­master and scribe for a period. He was patrol leader and assistant patrol leader, level as well. His Eagle project ben­eficiary was the Beaver Brook Association. Thyng renovated a historic ice shed on the grounds. He replaced all of the rot­ted siding and trim, patched holes and stained new lumber to match the existing structure.

Thyng raised funds for the project by selling baked goods outside Harvest Market.

Wider earned a notable 31 merit badges. He was the troop’s senior patrol leader for nearly a year, running the troop’s weekly meetings and coordinating many of its activi­ties. He also held other leadership positions, such as histo­rian and librarian.

The beneficiary of Wider’s Eagle project was the Hollis Congregational Church’s parsonage. Wider dug up an unsafe walkway, regraded it and used the older handmade bricks to keep with the historic look of the building.