Hollis man sings at Fenway Park for 3rd time – with a twist

It’s Sunday, June 14, New Hampshire Day at Fenway Park, and it’s a gorgeous Sunday afternoon.

The Red Sox are playing the Toronto Blue Jays, and John Ogrodowczyk, a Hollis resident, is about to sing the national anthem at Fenway Park for the third time. Only this time, Ogrodowczyk was invited by the Red Sox or­ganization to sing the Ca­nadian national anthem, "O Canada," for the Blue Jays.

Ogrodowczyk said he was asked to sing it however he liked – in English, French or both. So he decided to learn it in French and only sing the last two lines in English.

"I watched the YouTube version performed by Celine Dion and studied her pro­nunciation very carefully," Ogrodowczyk said. "I didn’t want to sing it her way, es­pecially. No one can sing it the way she does. But her vocal diction was so easy to understand.

"After much practice, I thought I had it down OK and could at least do a pass­able job, for an American.

"I just love singing at Fenway Park, and I am so blessed to be asked for the third time. It’s an absolute honor and thrill to get out there on the grass before a capacity crowd, holding that mic, and singing for all those people, my fans, and my family. There’s nothing bet­ter than that."

Ogrodowczyk is sing­ing a lot more now in his retirement. He has teamed up with another gifted per­former, Dave Burns, and the two of them have formed a duo called Spirit ‘n Spice. They have put several shows together, most recently a pa­triotic show, and have been performing throughout New Hampshire and Massachu­setts for the last year.

To view Ogrodowczyk’s singing of "O Canada" or to read more about Spirit ‘n Spice, visit johnosings. com. Ogrodowczyk can be reached at 554-7903 or johnosings@gmail.com.