Wild Salamander welcomes teacher

HOLLIS – Wild Salamander Creative Arts Center has introduced its newest watercolor teacher, colorblind artist Kevin Dadoly.

Dadoly is originally from Amherst and now settled in Hollis.

Dadoly does not see color the way the average person does. Instead, he intuitively feels and intimately knows the meaning of color, having studied color values with great intensity and having mastered the colors of his palette.

Since founding "A Brush with the Island Watercolor Workshop" in 1993, Dadoly has been organizing classes, workshops, events and speaking engagements throughout New England’s seacoast. He has developed a creative, motivational and memorable teaching style that provides his students with an artistic learning experience they will not soon forget.

Dadoly’s classes are noted for his positive teaching style and are geared toward artists from beginner to the exhibiting artist. Students will explore many watercolor techniques through creative painting exercise.

For more information about Dadoly, visit kevindadoly.com.

For more information about Wild Salamander, visit wildsalamander.com or call 465-9453.