Hollis Woman’s Club welcomes new members

The Hollis Woman’s Club board held a new members welcoming brunch at the home of Martha Smith on Oct. 28.

Board members Patti Tures, treasurer; Kimber Harmon, president; Grace McGinnis, recording secretary; Dot Pitman, hospitality; Grace Calileo, hospitality; Ginny Brooks, corresponding secretary; Smith, first vice president; and Lori Dwyer, publicity, made many delectable items for the brunch to warmly welcome the club’s new members: Regine Martin, Debbie Gracy, Natalie McCammack, Ella DeBakker, Susan Laurenson, Catherine Livezey and Eunice Rheaume.

Ellen Walker, Joddy Mitchell, Lynne Moseley, Sue Bridges, Nora Lewis, Stephanie Melone and Melanie Little are new members who were unable to attend.

The Hollis Woman’s Club began the welcoming brunch in 2010 under the term of Past President Krissy Weurdeman. It allows the new members and the board to get acquainted in a more intimate setting.

The board is able to get to know the new members better and answer any questions they have about the club. It is one of the many ways the HWC reaches out to its new members and make them feel at home within the club.

The nonprofit club is dedicated to community improvements through philanthropic donations, educational programs, civic support and social activities.

For more information, visit www.holliswomansclub.org; contact Kimber Harmon at ferreehil@aol.com or 465-2742; or contact Smith at marthasmith603@gmail.com/689-9522.