Hollis Upper Elementary holds staff, school spelling bees

HOLLIS – On Jan. 15, Hollis Upper Elementary School held its fourth annual Staff Spelling Bee in front of the school.

Staff members agree to participate in this event in hopes of sparking more enthusiasm for students who might otherwise find it intimidating to stand up on stage spelling words.

Some of the words that were miraculously spelled by teachers included: acquiesce, pulchritude, auriferous, ostensibly, idiosyncratic and force majeure.

Students were excited and enthusiastic watching their teachers go through the process and stress of participating in a school spelling bee. Mrs. White and Mrs. Anderson battled it out for 22 rounds, with Mrs. White ending up as the 2016 staff champion.

A week later, on Jan. 22, the school spelling bee took place with more than 200 participants from grades 4-6.

Dylan Jewett was the fourth-grade winner, while Marlin Hubbard took the fifth-grade trophy. The sixth-grade winner, Ana Musteata, also who won the fourth-grade bee two years ago. All three competed in the championship spelling bee on Jan. 25, and Dylan took first place, with Ana taking second.

Some of their words were tyranny, agricultural, consciousness and deglutition.

Ana will be moving on to the State Spelling Bee on Feb. 27 in Concord because Dylan will be unable to attend the event.

Congratulation certificates were given to all participants.