New Hampshire Real ID cards scheduled to become available in January

CONCORD – The New Hampshire Division of Motor Vehicles announced that Real ID compliant licenses will be available starting Jan. 2 and that residents wishing to obtain one should wait until their normal card renewal period to visit their local DMV office.

Current New Hampshire driver’s licenses and non-driver identification cards will be accepted for travel at airports and entry into secure federal facilities until Oct. 1, 2020. After that date, anyone with a non-compliant card wishing to travel by air or to access a secure federal facility will need to provide additional identification such as a U.S. passport.

Real ID compliant cards are not mandatory and cost the same as the non-compliant cards, said Elizabeth Bielecki, director of the Division of Motor Vehicles.

Applying for a Real ID compliant card must be done in person and requires additional documentation than that required for a non-compliant card. For more information, visit

The DMV will also make educational materials available at DMV offices and will include materials with card renewal forms sent to current card holders.