Seniors Helping Seniors achieves high ranking

Passion and persistence are paying off for local franchise owners of Seniors Helping Seniors.

Judy and Randy Loubier and Nancy and Ben Paquin, of Seniors Helping Seniors of Southern New Hampshire and Maine, found out that they are No. 6 among about 250 franchise owners throughout the United States and abroad.

Seniors Helping Seniors of Southern New Hampshire and Maine serves southern New Hampshire, including Bedford, Brookline, Hollis, Merrimack, Milford, Mont Vernon and Wilton.

Although New Hampshire hasn’t been considered an "old" state with respect to the age of the population, this trend is changing.

Projections by the Census Bureau show that those older than 65 will increase from 15 percent of the population in 2015 to 21 percent in 2030.

The adult children of those aging in New Hampshire will not always be available to care for their parents. Estimates are that 75 percent to 90 percent of people want to age in their home but will need help to do so.

In addition, the changes to the economy has resulted in a need to work longer

When adopted, the retirement age of 65 generally meant seven to 10 years out of the workforce before dying. Today, it isn’t unusual for someone to have 25-30 years in retirement.

But living longer means that nest egg doesn’t go as far as planned.

Seniors Helping Seniors connects mature and caring individuals with older adults in the community to provide services needed to stay at home safely.

Recognized by the founders of Seniors Helping Seniors, Kirin and Philip Yokum, the New Hampshire-based owners were applauded for their accomplishments and for bringing the heart of the business – "passion, persistence and desire to do good" – to New Hampshire.

All four owners have personal experience in caring for aging parents. Theyreceived a 10/10 rating from Home Care Pulse, a private and unbiased company that surveys satisfaction of clients receiving home care services across the country. The industry average is 6.8/10.