Brookline Women’s Club hosts annual Blueberry Bash benefit

Sweet, seasonal summer treats were had last Saturday in Brookline at the annual Women’s Club Blueberry Bash.

The recent humidity had left town just in time for people to gather on the Town Hall lawn and load up on blueberry pie, ice cream and blueberry topping, all for a good cause. The event has the dual purpose of fundraiser for club projects and to provide fellowship for community members.

Lynne Abt, chairman of the Blueberry Bash, said, "We have a scholarship we give out every year – it’s a thousand dollars. Then we have other small things we donate every year. We’ve done music for the band, we’ve done benches for Andres Institute.

"We have a community improvement project," she continued. "We pick something that the town needs that we want to support that we can afford to support. We do what we can with what we have."

Abt said in the past, the club has helped raise funds for a playground at a town ballpark, along with other projects for the library and schools.

As the Town Hall parking lot began to fill, motorists made quick stops along Meetinghouse Hill Road to jump out and pick up dessert.

"Sometimes, we sell out all our pies. Sometimes, we have spares," Abt said.

The small-town but big-heart feel was evident Saturday.

Wes Whittier, of Pepperell, Mass., former Brookline ambulance director and retired Pepperell Fire Chief, sat with his wife, Kathi, in front of the bright yellow town hall building as people lined up for pie and ice cream.

"It’s not pie without ice cream," he said.

Whittier can appreciate the small-town feel the event provides. "The women’s club does a lot of good for the town," he said. He fondly remembers when he worked in town and when the ambulance service and women’s club pitched in during blood drives.

Now, "I’m retired – I can go to all the blueberry bashes I want," he said, chuckling.

Blevin Brett, who joined the Whittiers at their table, joked about the homey small-town nature of the fundraiser. "You have to let your wife make the pie, then you have to come here and buy it," he said, sharing a laugh with his tablemates, including his wife, Joy.

But beyond the fundraising, the day was all about "come and sit down with your neighbors, have some dessert, and chat." Abt said.