Rotary Club seeks ‘outbounders’ for exchange program

The Hollis Brookline Rotary Club is seeking one or more candidates to become its sponsored outbound exchange student during the academic year beginning in fall 2017 (not 2016).

The application deadline is Sept. 15, 2016, but according to a Rotary Youth Exchange Committee spokesperson, no prospective candidates have yet begun the application process. In view of the close deadline, this is a problem.

At least part of the reason that no applicants have yet appeared appears to be lack of awareness among students and their parents of this life-changing opportunity.

This link to a Rotary International brochure describes the program in general terms: Much more detailed information is available from Rotary Club members, and especially from Hollis and Brookline students who have experienced their year abroad and have now returned home.

Prospective "outbounders" and their parents can make the necessary connections with sources of more information by contacting Rotarian Richard Mills at 465-3324 or

According to Mills, interested persons need to get in touch with the club immediately because the complex application, required by the U. S. Department of State, takes many days to complete, and time is running out.

Submitted by Hollis Brookline Rotary Club