Girl Scouts holding membership drive

With many exciting ways to participate, now is a great time to become a Girl Scout.

Fall registration is underway for girls in kindergarten through 12th grade.

"There are many ways for even the busiest girls to become involved in Girl Scouts and benefit from the leadership development programming we offer," said Carrie Green, director of girl leadership experience at Girl Scouts of the Green and White Mountains.

Green said that in addition to joining a local troop, girls may participate in domestic and international travel programs, join special-interest groups, go to summer camp, take part in virtual programs and more.

"We really offer something for everyone," Green said.

Green said joining Girl Scouts gives girls a supportive space to take chances, try new things and learn to succeed through failure – improving all aspects of their lives.

"Girl Scouts provides girls with a safe environment for trying new things and overcoming fears, making them greater challenge-seekers, more academically proficient students and, eventually, more successful adults," she said.

According to the Girl Scout Research Institute, Girl Scouts have more leadership experiences than other girls and boys. Of girls, 84 percent say they learned or tried new things in Girl Scouts, and 80 percent reported that through Girl Scouts, they were able to do things they couldn’t have done otherwise.

"Our girls often tell us that Girls Scouts was where they rode a horse for the first time or shot their first arrow," Green said. "No one can be an expert at everything, but when we take chances and try new things, we learn so much about ourselves and the world we live in – and become tomorrow’s leaders in the process."

Green said joining Girl Scouts also gives girls opportunities to connect with the world around them.

"Through our Highest Award program and Take Action projects, girls are learning the value of serving others," she said.

For more information about joining Girl Scouts as a girl member or volunteer, visit or call 1-888-474-9686.

Submitted by Girl Scouts of the Green and White Mountains