Church announces new faith formation director

The Brookline Community Church is proud to announce that Lindey Shaklee has joined on as the faith formation director.

Lindsey has an extensive background of non-traditional teaching including workshop and curriculum writing, and is currently working on her Master’s of Education degree.

The first event Lindsey attended as a church staffer, was an Earth Day celebration, on Sunday, April 22. Lindsey and her family relocated to Brookline from Colorado last year. She and her husband, Joel, have three children: Maddie, Kier and Cora.

The Faith Formation at the Brookline Community Church promotes the process of lifelong learning and faith formation that encourage members of the congregation to:

• Grow in their relationship with God

• Grow in their relationship with each other

• Grow in their relationship with their family

• Grow in their relationship with the world

• Rely upon their faith in dealing with the challenges of everyday life

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