Mom, TD Bank give back to community

A mother of two young children, Connor, 3, and Reagan, 2, a bank manager, and a community activist in her free time is how Beth Persch describes herself.

With little time left from her busy life, she focuses her spare time on local groups that support the success of future generations.

“I help out at Kids Cove, and with other local groups in Nashua and Merrimack as much as I can,” said Persch, of Merrimack, who also volunteers at the local library and her children’s schools as her time permits.

As a bank manager at TD Bank in south Nashua, Persch is empowered to give back to the local community and make as big an impact as she can, she said.

She combined forces with the Independent Karate School to support an annual scholarship given to a student who studies at the school.

Persch picks a few nonprofit groups each year to support and reward for their work. Currently, she is working with the Boys and Girls Club of Nashua and the Nashua Pastoral Care Center in addition to the Independent Karate School.

She chose the Independent Karate School for the way it “not only gives back to the community but also teaches students to give back, sometimes even more than people expect. They learn self-respect and the importance of taking care of themselves and the community,” she said.

As a child, Persch practiced martial arts, obtaining her Orange Belt and understands the importance of discipline and self-respect. She said she is happy to be able to pass those core values on to children each year.

In April, Persch presented the Independent Karate School with their first check for $1293. In return for all her help and dedication, the Independent Karate School awarded Persch an honorary black belt, one of only two recipients in the 30 years since the school was founded.

She raised the money through TD Bank’s Affinity Program, which allows customers of the bank to have their account marked that they want the bank to donate a percentage of their account balance to a charity of their choice.

“Beth did so much to grow our program and raise awareness for the Independent Karate School. It was far beyond what we expected,” said Jeff Maistrosky, treasurer for the Independent Karate School. “Beth’s commitment to customer service and belief in our cause has made her a true friend and community partner to us.”

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