We Will Never Forget 9-11

There’s another choir in Heaven.

Have the screams turned into songs yet?

People put their shoes on that day

and went to work.

And died.

Coffee cup’s still in the sink.

Half a piece of toast grows moldy.

Somewhere, Fido howls for bones

and a pat on the head.

Master’s dead.

There’s dry cleaning

they’ll never pick up.

Birthday cakes, no more.

Never again, a “Honey, I’m home!”

Or the sound of their keys in the door.

Or the scuff of their slippers

crossing the floor, to say goodnight,

just once more.

They only did what’s right,

went to work.

And died.

They died at their desks

and died in the skies.

Some of them died while trying

to save lives.

They met their God amid

rubble and flame.

Or some other way.

Yesterday. 9-11-01

This too we will never forget.

Loretta Jackson, a freelance writer and resident of Merrimack, wrote this poem on the morning after terrorists killed in cold blood some 3,000 citizens. It is shared here to commemorate the 10th Anniversary of those terrorist attacks – because “we will never forget.”