Merrimack Lions serve in many ways

“We serve” – that’s the motto of the Merrimack Lions Club.

Perhaps you’ve seen us in action. Recently, we were busy on Route 3, north of St. James Church, doing our twice-yearly roadside cleanup. We filled 20 bags with trash from along the highway.

Maybe you saw us joining many other organizations and businesses at the Merrimack Fall Festival and Business Expo.

Did you join our largest fundraiser, our annual golf tournament, at Souhegan Woods? It was a great day for golfing, and provided us more than $5,000, which we will return to the community this year.

Ask your children in elementary school if they saw us performing vision checks on more than 400 students. Early detection is so important, assuring students are learning their best.

And we don’t just help the kids. If you know of an adult who has vision needs and can’t afford to address them, email Lion Tricia Hanson at

Arranging for vision exams and glasses is a Lions specialty since Lion Helen Keller asked us long ago to be Knights of the Blind.

Recently our service has included working with Lions from all over the state to provide a kid-friendly haunted house. You may not have recognized us in our costumes, but you may recognize Lion Sandra Hurd serving in her role as district governor.

New Hampshire has two districts, Merrimack being in District 44N. Having served on the Lions Health Services board and the Lions Sight and Hearing Foundation, Hurd is now working hard with 44 clubs of more than 1,200 Lions, ensuring they’re able to serve their communities as best they can.

Give back

If you would like to give back, come serve with us. Email Lion John Richards, our membership chairman, at

Leo Club to form

Soon, we’ll be joining our Leo Club (ages 12-18) as they play bingo at Rosehaven. Then they’ll join us to put on a Christmas party for the Merrimack Friars, a
parent-run group that provides social and sporting events for disabled adults. Help us roar in Merrimack.


Check out the Lions at or