Merrimack Library turkey shoot raises funds with raffles

Members of the Friends of the Merrimack library, library staffers, friends and family members met in the newly renovated Lowell meeting room at the library on Wednesday, Nov. 20, the evening before the Library Turkey Shoot, to add the finishing touches to dozens of raffle baskets destined for a night of fund-raising raffles held at Merrimack High School.

A table was set up in the conference room with items that had been collected throughout the year. Those items were grouped into like categories and paired with books. Items for common themes like cooking, games, and baby activities were identified and set aside. The items were packaged with ribbons, bows and silk flowers. The next day, the baskets were brought to the high school.

Yvette Couser, director of the Merrimack Library, spearheaded the effort.

Along with the main raffles, whose prizes included 40 turkey dinners, a beloved part of the shoot was the table raffles, where people bought as many raffle tickets as they dared. Another draw was a lottery tree consisting of $200 worth of instant lottery tickets artfully displayed as a holiday tree.

The table raffles included the prepared baskets along with several donations for gift cards and services from local businesses. In all, almost 60 table items were raffled off, along with the 200 food items at the event.

The Turkey Shoot was fast-paced, and by the end of the evening, based on the food and basket items carried out by winners, it was a good night to have tried your luck at the annual library fundraiser.

For more information on the Library Turkey Shoot, call the Merrimack Library at 424-5021.