Merrimack grad Darren Roy and his D.A.R. Promotions biz to host under-21 party at Drynk in Manchester

Merrimack’s Darren A. Roy, 20, founded D.A.R. Promotions in 2008. Today, the entrepreneur’s company promotes more than 70 events per year and manages a score of local bands, solo artists and other talent.

Billed online and posted throughout the region is news of an “Awesome
Under-21” party – The Red Party – is his next gala presentation. The Red Party is a no-alcohol event with doors opening at 8 p.m., Sunday, Feb. 23, at Drynk, 20 Old Granite St., Manchester. The party is the latest of Roy’s many events. Two DJs – Harry Renaud and Jon Kaluza – plus free glow sticks and prizes throughout the night are expected.

Roy, a graduate of Merrimack High School’s Class of 2012, has nurtured a network of around 20 local and New England artists. The wealth of bands and solo singers gives him a base of support he can call upon whenever an opportunity arises to feature a party that is safe, fun and filled with all the bling of a Hollywood extravaganza.

Early last year, Roy expanded his promotions company. He is now focusing on an enhanced role as a club host, an executive coordinator with the knowledge and experience to bring together a wide variety of professionals. He knows who to call for sound amplification services, stage lighting, food and beverage services and the bushels of goodies that go into a every cache of give-aways.

“Last year at Drynk, when they had their Glow Foam party, I sold the club out,” Roy said. “Since May of last year, I’ve been behind the wheel doing whatever it takes to make Drynk’s occasional under 21 party the premier under 21 party destination in New England.”

Roy fluffs off comments about his young age. He said he believes that when one desires to be the best in a field, a maximum sacrifice is no hardship, whether one is young or old.

“I’m a person who believes in being the best,” Roy said. “I believe in putting 100 percent into your work and being the best at whatever you do.”

The young mogul of merriment contends that young people who are not of legal age to drink should not be deprived of a good party. His past accomplishments are proven successes, parties that combined music, food, atmosphere and professional lighting with generous amounts of see-and-be-seen.

Roy promises the upcoming
under-21 party at Drynk will be a total success, a gathering of young people who love to dance and have fun in a non-alcoholic environment.

“I believe in changing the under 21 party scene to make it new and fresh every time,” Roy said. “I love hosting and managing under 21 events and, as far as I’m concerned, I’m here to stay. This is just the beginning – and it’s gonna get better.”

For more information, contact Darren Roy, owner of D.A.R. Promotions, on Facebook at