Merrimack drug investigation nets 3 arrests

A lengthy investigation into illegal drug activity that was triggered by calls from concerned residents at the Maple Ridge condominium complex culminated Tuesday, April 8, in the arrest of three people, police said.

Taken into custody were

? Brad Hansford, 28, of 1 Maple Ridge, unit 107; charged with one count of sale of a controlled drug

? Nicole St. Pierre, 28, 21 Larch St., Manchester; one count, conspiracy to acts prohibited

? Michael Graydon, 28, 85 Stark Highway, North Dunbarton; one count each of acts prohibited and possession of a narcotic drug.

Police said that detectives investigating the reports of drug activity observed Hansford selling a quantity of the prescription drug Percocet to Graydon and St. Pierre.

They said Graydon and St. Pierre met Hansford in the parking lot of the complex to carry out the alleged transaction. Officers moved in, police said, and took the three into custody.

The suspects were processed at Merrimack police headquarters, after which Hansford was held on $5,000 cash bail and Graydon, on $2,500 cash bail, pending their probable cause hearings scheduled for April 15 in Merrimack district court.

Police said St. Pierre was released on $3,500 personal recognizance bail. Her hearing is scheduled for April 17, also in the Merrimack court.