Merrimack firefighter Scott Simpson retires after 27 years

New Hampshire native Scott Simpson began his career as a Merrimack firefighter and emergency medical technician in 1987. He has retired and was honored for his service on April 17, at a Town Council meeting attended by fellow firefighters, Town Council members, family, friends and associates from the Merrimack Police Department.

Simpson is a veteran of the U.S. Air Force, in which he served as a firefighter. He has served in the Merrimack Fire and Rescue Department as a firefighter, shift lieutenant and shift captain. He is credited with investigating the use of thermal imaging technology as a firefighting tool. Now, the department owns two thermal imaging cameras that enable responders to view humans and animals, along with other heat sources, hidden to normal vision in environments thick with smoke.

Merrimack Fire Chief Michael Currier, Assistant Fire Chief Richard Pierson and dozens of Simpson’s fellow firefighters and EMTs were on-hand to see him presented with an engraved plaque citing his contributions to the town and the fire service. The award was given to him by David G. Yakuboff Sr., the chairman of Town Council.

Assistant Fire Chief Richard Pierson related some of the details that endeared Simpson to his coworkers. He noted that numerous performance appraisals over the years underscored Simpson’s willingness to go the extra mile to assist the residents of Merrimack.

Simpson’s pursuit of associate degrees as company officer and hazmat technician were followed by a similar degree in business management. Simpson has operated a successful home inspection service, Reeds Ferry Home Inspections LLC, and notes on the company website that in his years with the fire service, he has seen a multitude of unsafe conditions related to furnaces, chimneys, electrical wiring and ill maintained appliances. His radon testing and water testing services provide homeowners additional peace of mind.

Pierson alluded to Simpson’s attention to detail. His penchant for readiness enabled the department’s emergency supplies and equipment to be at all times fully functional and in amounts sufficient to assist the personnel on any emergency call. He added a comment that Simpson has maintained the quest for quality in the business world.

“If you’re selling a house (with problems), you do not want Scott to do the inspection,” Pierson said, indicating Simpson’s level of acuity. “But if you’re buying a house, you definitely want him to inspect it.”

Yakuboff later commented on Simpson’s contributions to the town and to the fire and rescue department in Merrimack.

“Scott’s background was very impressive,” Yakuboff said. “It’s amazing that someone would start serving that long ago and continue the relationship with the town. He’s been an asset. He’ll be missed by all the town people and by all those he’s worked with, hand in hand, on a daily basis.”

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