Clearing up confusion about absentee ballots in Merrimack

MERRIMACK – It has come to the attention of the town of Merrimack that various campaigns and/or political parties are distributing absentee ballot request applications.

Some of the applications give the appearance that they were sent on behalf of the town clerk or town clerk’s office.

The town clerk’s office doesn’t mail or solicit absentee voters.

Be sure when requesting an absentee ballot that you are qualified to submit an absentee vote.

If you aren’t qualified, your ballot could be challenged and your vote not counted.

Qualifications for voting by absentee ballot are:

You plan to be absent from town on the day of the election.

You can’t appear in public on Election Day because of observance of a religious commitment.

You are unable to vote in person because of a disability.

You can’t appear at any time during the polling hours because an employment obligation requires you to remain at work or to be in transit to or from work from the time the polls open until after the polls close.

Polls in Merrimack will be open from 7 a.m.-7 p.m.

For absentee ballot information, visit or call 424-3651.