State agency recognizes top Big Brother, Sister

MANCHESTER – Big Brothers Big Sisters of New Hampshire announced the Big Brother of the Year is Jason Perry, of Dunbarton, and the Big Sister is Deb Limoges, of Dover.

Perry became a Big Brother eight years ago. He had been president of the board of directors at the time, and he believed in the program and knew the impact it has on children. He wanted to get more involved, and when he met his Little Brother, Dominic, an energetic, smart student who had been on the waiting list for a year, neither realized how close they’d become.

"Being a Big has been a life-changing decision for me," Perry said. "Dominic has impacted my life in so many positive ways. "He’s given me a new level of energy, brought back the youthfulness into my life while creating this fondness and ability to worry for another as though they were your real little brother.

"I hesitated to say ‘real,’ for Dominic is like a real brother at this point. Blood doesn’t define us as real, but our bond and connection does."

Limoges became a Big Sister eight years ago, as well.

"She’s my sunshine on a cloudy day," Limoges said of her Little Sister, Jenny. "She makes me laugh at myself and she reminds me of what is really important in life.

"Being a Big has enriched my life in more ways than I can count. Being a Big for me, personally, because I think it is truly different for everyone, means that my Little has a rock. Someone she can hold onto when she feels like her world is falling out from under her feet.

"It means she is always going to have someone on her side, through thick or thin, right or wrong, I am there. It also means lots of laughter to the point of tears, learning and sharing new adventures and ideas, and see things again through the eyes of a child.

"I am someone that will hold her hand and never let go. It means I am making a difference in someone’s life."

Mentors, or "Bigs," get together with their "Littles" for two to four hours two to four times a month. The benefits of having a mentor include increased confidence and academic success.

"I think every kid needs an adult that is there for them and only them," Limoges said. "I also think every adult could use a Little to lighten up a bit and realize life is more than just working and gliding through life."

For more information on how you can become a Big, visit, email or call 1-844-644-2447.