Oct. 30 deadline for changing affiliation

The last day to change your party affiliation prior to the presidential primary is Friday, Oct. 30, according to Diane Trippett, Merrimack town clerk.

Voters may check their party affiliation by contacting the town clerk’s office at 424-3651 or visiting the "Elections and Voting" webpage under the Town Clerk/Tax Collector’s department.

If you are registered as undeclared, you may choose a party while voting at the primary.

If you are registered as Democrat or Republican, this is the ballot you will receive at the primary unless you change your party affiliation prior to Oct. 30.

Voter registration and party changes can be made at the town clerk’s office during normal business hours.

In addition, the supervisors of the checklist will be in session at Town Hall from 7-7:30 Oct. 30 for voter registration and party changes.