Local Rotary Clubs launch project for Mexican children

Representatives of the Rotary Club of Nashua visited Mexico from Dec. 7-10, launching a Rotary International project for a Mexican foundation dedicated to the treatment of children with neurological disorders.

The project is financed by six Rotary Clubs of USA, one of France and one of Mexico, two Rotary districts from the U.S. and Mexico, and the Rotary Foundation, which doubles the funds.

This project aims to reinforce the young Mexican Foundation for Pediatric Neurology Angel A.C. (FUMENEP) and help it to continue its altruistic actions in benefit of children, particularly those from families with little resources, with neurological disorders such as Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, attention deficit, comportment problems and learning difficulties.

The foundation, managed by Dr. Fernando Garcia Jasso, is instrumental in disorder prevention and yearly detection, treatment and support of the poorest families. The foundation is following 7,000 children from 14 Mexican states, of whom 4,000 from low-income or jobless families face an average of four years of costly treatments, largely
above the wages of a Mexican worker.

The neurological disorders covered by the FUMENEP affect about 5 percent of the population in all countries.

The Rotary donation consists of two mobile diagnostic machines, an electroencephalograph and an electromyograph.

The project is funded by the Rotary Clubs of Bedford, Merrimack, Milford, Nashua, Nashua West, Souhegan Valley and District 7870, the Rotary Club of Ferney-Voltaire Geneva from France, the Rotary Club Corregidora Queretaro and District 4185 from Mexico, and the Rotary Foundation.