Merrimack Daisy Scouts learn about beekeeping

A dozen of Merrimack’s Daisy Scouts met at the Merrimack Police Station on Feb. 2 to learn about beekeeping from resident Loretta Jackson, whose show-and-tell accessories included a straw hat topped with bee antennae and a honey bee puppet.

Jackson is the secretary of the Merrimack Valley Beekeepers Association, a regional group of beekeeping enthusiasts. Her speaking engagements to Scouts, students, library patrons and others emphasize the importance of honey bees. The insects pollinate about a third of all fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains consumed at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The Daisy Sscouts and their parents heard that the nonprofit MVBA is accepting registrations for its annual Bee School, a weekly gathering that last six weeks.

Bee School will begin at 6 p.m. Tuesday, March 1, at St. James United Methodist Church, 646 Daniel Webster Highway in Merrimack. The three-hour sessions are taught by a panel of professional beekeepers. Around 100 attendees of varying ages graduated from last year’s Bee School.

The classes feature the speakers, demonstrations of beekeeping equipment, videos and texts. A fee of $35 for an individual or $45 for a family includes a year’s membership in the MVBA and the opportunity to take chances on "The World’s Greatest Raffle," which includes a premium wooden bee hive, beekeeping equipment, a certificate for a supply of honey bees and other items.

To register or for more information, visit