Dog licenses available at town clerk’s office

Per state law, all owners of dogs 4 months and older are required to license their dog by May 1.

Owners must present a valid rabies certificate and a neutering or spaying certificate, if applicable.

Fees for licenses are $10 for a non-neutered/spayed dog and $7.50 for a neutered/spayed dog. Seniors 65 and older are eligible to register one dog at a reduced rate of $3 upon proof of age being presented.

Dog owners who fail to register their dog by May 1 will be subject to late charges, a $32 civil forfeiture fine and a court summons for each unregistered dog.

Licenses are available at the town clerk’s office between 9 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

If you no longer have your dog, call the town clerk’s office at 424-3651 so they may update their records. Records that are not updated result in the office having to follow up on the unlicensed dog, wasting valuable time and tax dollars.