Merrimack Village District flushing schedule announced

The Merrimack Village District will flush mainlines and hydrants in these areas from May 16-20:

Back River Road, Pheasant Run, Packard Drive, Belmont Drive, Canterbury Way, Greenfield Drive, Raymond Drive, Waterville Drive, Joppa Road, Spring Pond Road, Fairway Drive, Patten Road, Country Club Lane, Bradford Drive, Derry Street.

Streets in the vicinity may also be affected.

Flushing will occur between 8:30 a.m. and 3 p.m.

Flushing is done to maintain water quality throughout the distribution system. This program involves opening flushing valves to create increased water flows, which dislodge and clean out naturally occurring sedimentation in the pipelines. It may cause minor flooding of streets and slight discoloration of water and/or a short period of low pressure.

The Merrimack Village District reassures customers that the water is safe to drink and any discoloration should clear up in two to three hours.

Residential customers with special water needs for medical reasons are urged to call 424-9241, ext. 100, to be notified of flushing in their area.