Support Notter for state representative

To the Editor:

I am writing this letter to encourage you to vote for Jeanine Notter, who is running for her fourth term as state representative in Merrimack.

Jeanine works tirelessly in Concord to fight for local control and decision making, advocate for veterans, and support strong economic growth and job creation in New Hampshire. During her three terms in the New Hampshire House, Jeanine has always demonstrated an excellent attendance record and has dutifully served on the State and Federal Relations Committee and on the Science, Energy and Technology Committee.

As chair of the House Business Caucus, I have been thrilled to have Jeanine play an integral role in making our state better and more affordable for small businesses and consumers. She has sponsored and championed helpful bills that would reduce unnecessary regulations and electricity costs for Merrimack residents. House Bill No. 1374, for example, would have rebated 100 percent of Renewable Portfolio Standard funding back to ratepayers.

Jeanine has recently been recognized for her leadership abilities and is now the president of the New Hampshire Federation of Republican Women.

Jeanine brings a thoughtful, conservative and common-sense approach to solving problems and truly cares about the people of Merrimack, growing our economy, putting your money back in your pocket and preserving what makes New Hampshire so special.

Jeanine Notter is a terrific public servant and representative for the families of Merrimack. It’s been an honor to serve with her, and I hope you send her back to Concord. Please vote for her on Sept. 13.

Rep. Laurie Sanborn

Chair, House Business Caucus