Home Depot, library support Lions Club’s scarecrow fundraiser

The local Home Depot manager has become the backbone to the structural development of the Merrimack Lions Club’s scarecrow fundraiser when he offered to donate the wooden frames that keep them standing.

The wood and screws are the largest expense in making the scarecrow kits. His generosity and support for the last two years have helped the Lions Club considerably in keeping costs down and allowing it to make more kits.

Also, the director of the Merrimack Public Library is allowing the club to sell its Scarecrow Kits for Diabetes again at its location from 10 a.m.-1 p.m. Saturdays in September and October. This location is in the center of town with easy access and good parking and has proved to be a great place to sell and display the kits, which cost $20.

Join the club in its effort to raise money for the American Diabetes Association and have fun making your unique "character" for display in front of your home or business. This year, the contest has two categories: one for the most creative character made by an individual or family and one for the most creative character made by a town business.

To participate, submit your picture to merrimackscarecrows@gmail.com. For more information, call Michele at 424-6103.

Submitted by Merrimack Lions Club