Middle School gives back for the holidays

MERRIMACK – A group of seventh graders at Merrimack Middle School got creative for the holiday season by holding a friendly contest between their homerooms. The contest, "Holiday Change for Charity," was conducted for two weeks where students of Team 7-1 were encouraged to donate pocket change to their choice of jugs held by several teachers on the team. There were, however, some stipulations; dollars and quarters counted positively towards a teacher’s total, whereas pennies, dimes and nickels counted negatively towards the total.

The team total amassed in two weeks came out to just short of $150, which greatly surpassed their initial goal of $50, and-more significantly-evoked genuine pride within the students. As the beneficiary, the students chose Home Health & Hospice Care, a provider of home care and hospice services in southern NH, including the Community Hospice House in Merrimack. The money donated will help make a difference in the lives of those old and young who are recovering, disabled or chronically ill.

Submitted by Home Health & Hospice Care