Merrimack resident earns customer service award

Courtesy photo Wayne Landry, second from right, with his son, Maxwell, wife, Judee, and President of Eversource New Hampshire, Bill Quinlin, far right.

MANCHESTER – When an Eversource customer in Nashua was experiencing interference to his ham radio, electromagnetic interference expert and longtime employee Wayne Landry was sent to help identify the culprit.

Landry, whose main responsibility is to keep radio communications for the company up and running, quickly determined that the interference was not being caused by Eversource’s radio communications – but that didn’t stop his investigation into the cause of the problem. Through his persistence to help the customer, Landry identified three separate sources of the radio interference at a neighbor’s home and provided recommendations to help resolve the issue.

“Wayne was only responsible for making repairs to the company’s system, but he didn’t stop there,” said Manager of Field Communications Perry McKinney, who nominated Landry for the Customer Service Excellence Award. “In this case, Wayne went above and beyond the company’s expectations. That leaves a lasting impression.”

In honor of Landry’s achievement, the company will make a $100 donation to the nonprofit of his choice – Liberty House in Manchester, which provides a safe, supportive housing community to veterans transitioning out of homelessness.

“It’s nice to be recognized for the good work we do,” Landry said of his award.

A resident of Merrimack, Landry served as a working foreman for Eversource for 11 years, and has spent the last 17 years working in the company’s control department. Landry maintains and repairs the company’s radio communications system, which is used to remotely control the electric system and communicate with crews in the field.

“We have a lot of submissions for this award. It’s a very competitive process to pick the best of the best and this is really a standout achievement,” said President of Eversource New Hampshire Electric Operations Bill Quinlan. “While working to address this particular issue, Wayne could have stopped at any point along the way and informed the customer it was not the company’s responsibility. But instead, he continued investigating to get to the root cause of the issue. Wayne’s approach and enthusiasm are exemplary of the experience we are committed to providing all our customers with.”