MHS teacher receives Lions Club grant

Courtesy photo Deb Gerber, second from right, is pictured with two of her students and one-on-one student aid Allison Deluca, left.

Deb Gerber, a special eduction teacher at Merrimack High School, is the winner of the Merrimack Lions Club’s 2017 Cheryl Pearsall Grant for her submission, “Technology & Physical Adaptations for Students with ADHD.” All winners may use the money to purchase any equipment that she or he deems necessary to supplement their teaching efforts. This year, Gerber said that she plans to purchase seven scanners that will allow students to scan in misplaced or forgotten assignments. With the remaining money, she plans to purchase three stability ball chairs and three tabletop standing desks to assist in the physical adaption of the learning environment. All of these teaching aids will help the students to learn the material and gain self-confidence and achieve personal growth. A member of the Merrimack Lions Club visited the high school expecting to meet just the teacher. However, the two students shown in the picture were excited about the award and wanted to be included when the check was presented to their teacher.