Donald R. Cuss Channing

Donald R. Cuss Chan­ning died peacefully on Thanksgiving Day, 2015 at 6:30 AM attended by me (his wife), our son, Fred­erick, and a very helpful friend. During the many hours preceding his death, we sang British songs to him, read from the Bible, and looked at old family pic­tures. He refused to accept that he was dying.

He was born in Rushall, West Mid­lands, UK on August 19, 1937, the 8th of 10 chil­dren.

After coming to the United States to attend MIT in 1961, he stayed in the US, but visited his beloved England and ex­tended family regularly.

After attaining a Mas­ter’s Degree in Chemical Engineering from MIT, he worked for WR Grace Co, as a chemical engineer. Later, after an MBA from Northeastern University, he worked in manage­ment, managing chemical engineers. He was called Grace’s bright star for many years; to me he had a glow about him, and I always called him God’s Sunday child.

After retirement, he took up bicycling all around Hillsborough County, NH, belonged to a weekly old movie club, had lunch monthly with his Grace colleagues and lunch weekly with the RO­MEO Club (Retired Old Men Eating Out).

Don did not have a mean bone in his body, respond­ing with kindness always. Until the very end, he tried to be helpful; he was always there for me and his son when we needed him and would do almost anything when needed, without being asked, from washing dishes to stack­ing wood to fairly complex handyman jobs – you name it. Could there possibly be another like him out there?

He became quite spiritually oriented in later life, reading all of Dr. Wayne Dyer’s books, saying he felt very peaceful reading them. He read the same ones repeatedly up to an hour in bed every night. Wayne also died recently in August, 2015, Don’s birthday month. My fan­tasy is that Don has found Wayne out there and is sitting at the feet of his teacher.

Don leaves behind his wife, Dr. Lynda J. Wells, a natural health coun­selor, our son Frederick, a former computer ana­lyst, and his 4 remaining siblings, Marian Ryan in Toronto, Nora Wright in Sydney Australia, Arthur Cuss in Upwell England, and Michael Cuss in Bris­bane Australia.

A memorial service will be held for him on Feb. 6 at 11 AM at the Unitari­anUniversalist Church of South County at Lily Pads in Wakefield, RI. Betty Ko­rnitzer, its former beloved minister, and Father Rob of the Ascension Chruch in Wakefield will preside. Lunch served afterwards in the church lobby.

I may organize another service up here in NH in a couple of months if time and energy allow.