L Janice Simpson

I am L Janice Simpson also known as Chocolate to some, as of May 12 at 1:31 p.m., I passed away in a peaceful sleep at the University of UMASS MEMORI­AL at 55 Lake Ave., Worcester.

I leave behind a few beloved chil­dren, Anthony M. Simpson and Nacey Landry. And I leave a few beloved pains as well, Timothy Simpson, Tammy Ayotte and Lu-Ann Blease.

I love you all, but I will be taking a ride to join my other two kids, Moreen Simpson and Anthony G. Simpson at the pearly gates of heaven with my mother and father, Clara and Jo­seph Poisson.

As for my sib­lings, I leave be­hind my great brother, Joey Pois­son; and my three sisters, Pat Thomp­son, Rosemarie Houle and Diana Poisson. I also have a long list of 13 grandchildren; and three great-grandchildren; and cousins and friends who I can’t fit but just know "I love you all in this life and the next …"

Till we meet again …