Maryelizabeth ‘Mizzy’ J. Boyle

Maryelizabeth "Mizzy" J. Boyle, 64, died Sept. 13, 2016, due to health com­plications at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Nashua.

Mizzy was born in Wash­ington D.C., in 1952 to Peter and Patricia Boyle before moving to Duxbury, Mass., where she spent her childhood. Mizzy went on the attend Academy of the Sacred Heart, before receiving her B.S. in Art Edu­cation from Skid­more College in 1974.

While pursuing ad­ditional education in Computer Science at the University of New Hamp­shire, Mizzy worked in planning and resources at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. Prior to that, Mizzy worked in account­ing at Mass Design in Cam­bridge, Mass., where she met her husband, George Westbrook. They married on June 7, 1985, and had one daughter.

Mizzy was an artist in ev­ery sense of the word, and her passion for beauty and color came out in every­thing she did. With a spe­cial affinity for glass, Mizzy practiced stained glass, torchwork, and even glass­blowing. Mizzy loved color and felt glass was the best medium for displaying it. Ever the puzzle-solver, Mizzy could look at any piece of art and figure out how it was made. She showed talent with fiber, textiles, knit­ting, beading, painting, sculpting, and drawing. Mizzy loved being a part of a community more than anything else, and the ex­tensive circles of friends she leaves behind shows this.

She is survived by her husband, George West­brook; and her daughter, Tanzy Boyle-Westbrook.