Constance ‘Jeanne’ Davis Porter

Gilford, NH – Constance “Jeanne” Davis Porter was someone you remembered, even after a short meeting for the first time. Spunky and opinionated, with an expansive sense of humor, she usually made everyone smile. Her politics were taped to her front window, and plastered on her car bumper. She wasn’t afraid to disagree with conventional wisdom, and her interest in global events meant she was up on all the news, all the time. Her favorite memories were of her numerous trips abroad.

Jeanne was a classical pianist from her head to her toes. She heard music when none was playing, and her fingers would be practicing a hard passage on the tabletop while she conversed about current events. She started playing the piano at age 3, was considered a prodigy during her Pittsburgh, PA elementary/high school years, and was very proud to call Oberlin Conservatory her alma mater. She taught piano students in Gainesville FL, Milford NH, Andover MA, and Wolfeboro NH for over 40 years and was a principal of the Creative Arts Trio, performing throughout New England. In her 50s, she continued on to a Master of Music Degree at the University of Colorado Boulder.

As she aged, her stage-ready updo hairdo made up for the height she was losing. Putting her best foot forward meant that her fashion sense was color-coordinated to the max, and included matching umbrellas. A sign in her kitchen clearly expressed her views on food preparation: “Life is too short to cook for you people!”

Jeanne passed away peacefully on January 10, 2017 after 93 years of life filled with family, music and dining out. Her husband, Harry A. Porter, predeceased her in 1987. Her children Ron Porter, Pam Savage, Coni Porter-Durmer, and Steve Porter live with their respective spouses, children, and grandchildren in the New England and Philadelphia areas.

An extended family Celebration of Life is being planned for the spring in Gilford NH.