Newt Gingrich is worth consideration

To the Editor:

I have never spent so much time absorbed in an election because never in my voting-lifetime has there been so much at stake. I am certain you see it and feel it yourself. The country truly is at a crossroads, a pivotal spot in history, and I fear for it.

Here are the reasons I have chosen to endorse Newt Gingrich:

1. The nation is in decline. By whatever measure – financial, economic, cultural, spiritual, political, we are on downhill trajectory. I understand that no nation has a franchise on preeminence in perpetuity but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t make every conceivable effort to strive for it. We need a change agent supportive of American traditions and values who believes in American exceptionalism and can lead us back to greatness. Now is not the time for a “manager” whose core values seem uncertain.

2. The Washington culture is broken. Divisiveness rules as never before. We need someone who has lived and understands the culture and can therefore more effectively lead in fixing it. We can not afford to grant the new oval office occupant a “learning curve.”

3. We need a leader with a history of major concrete results. Gingrich has proven that via multiple initiatives in the ‘90’s while Speaker of the House. He is solutions oriented. Please visit his websites, or

4. Newt possesses broad and detailed subject matter knowledge. He has a deep understanding of the issues, and of history, both domestic and foreign. No other candidate can match it, or his ability to convert it to effective strategy.

5. His debating skills are outstanding. His comments and retorts reflect real substance and are factual and honest.

6. He has not been “anointed” by the establishment – a strong positive signal in itself. We need someone who is willing to challenge the status quo.

7. He exhibits a willingness to be questioned and listen, and he is a practitioner of inclusiveness in getting things done.

8. All of the above will engender serious attention and respect from other world leaders, something that has been sorely lacking the past three years.

Please join me in helping to put someone who is proud of America, someone who wants to revitalize and save America, someone who will halt the drift to socialism, someone who believes in all Americans, in the critical role of commander-in-chief.