Board undermine quality, availability of care

To the editor:

As a senior, I am increasingly concerned about health care in New Hampshire and in America. A frightening provision of President Barack Obama’s health care plan, the Independent Payment Advisory Board, is causing great worry among seniors for whom quality health care is a top priority.

The IPAB will consist of a group of 15 unelected bureaucrats who will decide what constitutes “necessary care” and dictate “one size fits all” solutions. I certainly don’t want a committee of strangers deciding whether or not I’m worth saving.

The American Medical Association has sent a letter to the United States House Energy and Commerce Health Subcommittee leadership, referring to the struggles Congress has had with the issue of Medicare payments to physicians. The AMA states that “adding additional formulaic cuts through IPAB is just not rational and would be detrimental to patient care, especially as millions of Baby Boomers enter Medicare.”

Yes, Medicare does need structural reform to provide quality care while emphasizing value and cost-effectiveness, but IPAB will be a dull knife, cutting indiscriminately to undermine quality and availability of care.

I thank congressmen Frank Guinta and Charles Bass for voting to repeal IPAB; now the U.S. Senate needs to follow suit.