Don’t believe Issa’s hype

To the Editor:

The Obama administration has been free of any major embarrassments, so Rep. Darrell Issa, the chairman of an investigation committee, is out to pin something on them. Issa, R-Calif., has chosen a program known as Fast and Furious, which began during the George W. Bush administration. It was cancelled by the Obama administration. In short, this program was designed to sneak guns into Mexico to support the drug wars. By tracking the guns, the government could locate the drug lords. Unfortunately, one of the guns was used to kill a U.S. agent.

Somehow Rep. Issa is manufacturing a story whereby President Barack Obama concocted this story to place more controls on American gun laws. This is all false! The Issa version will attempt to force the Justice Department’s leader to resign and make President Obama’s administration look bad.

Could this in part be because the Justice Department is working to stop the attempts to control who votes? Issa runs the committee like a dictator and refuses the minority members to even call witnesses.

This is just one of a number of dirty tricks the Republican Party is trying to use to keep control of the House of Representatives and to win the White House. Voters in November must be alert to these tricks and vote to keep the president in office and to win the House of Representatives back under Democrat control.

To Ms. Ouellet’s comments about my letter, I wish to thank her for naming Pope Pius XI, who called contraception a sin. He also wrote the infamous Papal Bull quoted below promoting fascist forms of government and one should review his actions on the Holocaust.

To help combat democratic capitalistic models of government and promote their replacement with fascist regimes, Pope Pius XI published the encyclical Dilectissima Nobis (1933), in which he addressed the situation of the Church in Republican Spain, he proclaimed, that the Church is not “bound to one form of government more than to another, provided the Divine rights of God and of Christian consciences are safe,” and specifically referred to “various civil institutions, be they monarchic or republican, aristocratic or democratic”.

The effect of this Papal Bull, enforced throughout every Catholic community in the world, was to promote the cause of fascist government models.

Would Ms. Ouellet like to work for an employer who chose not to include operations in his health insurance program because his religion does not approve of operations? By the way, the First Amendment creates our government as a secular government with freedom of religion and freedom from religion.