Government support makes jobs, reduces debt

To the editor:

The government support of research and development fosters innovation for new American jobs. The government supported Charles Townes, inventor of the laser, which is used in everything from guided bombs to CDs and bar-code scanners.

Not all spending in the private sector makes jobs in America. Apple, for example, has its computers, iPhones and iPads manufactured in China.

State and government spending also pays our teachers, law enforcement officers and firemen.

Defense spending makes jobs for American military personnel and for New Hampshire defense contractors, such as BAE, and small businesses. New jobs put unemployed people back to work so they can pay taxes to reduce our national debt.

The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office reported government spending since 2008 added 2 million jobs, decreasing unemployment by 2 percent and adding 2 percent to GDP.

Let’s not cut government support for new jobs, growth and prosperity.