Why do we need IB?

To the Editor:

I’ve been following the debate on the International Baccalaureate Program for a while now. I’ve heard the arguments pointing to the political agenda within the IB program. It doesn’t matter if we have IB, many schools have become a vehicle for political propaganda at the student’s expense. (Example: “Nickel and Dimed”).

I think Bedford residents have to ask if they want to pay extra for a program like IB?

I watched BCTV the other day and listened to the school board meeting where Cindy Chagnon praised IB for preparing students for college. I have no reason to doubt her numerous praises of IB that I’ve heard in the past; however, I do wonder if she realizes what that sounds like to people like me.

I’ve had three children graduate from parochial schools and then attend and finish college. All of my children were fully prepared for college and never attended an IB school.

The expectation for college prep is what parents expect in a private and parochial school. The hired administrators and teachers who fully prepare students for college-level learning without having to resort to paying an outside organization.

My husband and I went through the public school system years ago. We attended and completed college and would acknowledge that we were prepared for college-level learning by our non-IB public school.

Has the Bedford School Board lowered their bar to the point where this is no longer expected?

Does Ms. Chagnon understand that when people like me hear her praise IB for what every school should be doing, we wonder what kind of administrators and teachers they hired who could not accomplish this simple task?

Does Ms.Chagnon lack the confidence in the very people working in this district?

I wonder.