Become a member of the BTA

To the editor:
Bedford Taxpayers Association (BTA) has had a long-standing positive relationship with the taxpayers of Bedford. BTA appreciates the support received from members and Bedford voters.
Members and non-members alike express how much they appreciate BTA’s voting recommendations mailed town-wide prior to the March Town/School District Elections. Non-members often ask why they don’t receive the same information prior to primary and general elections. With limited funds, BTA must restrict its mailings prior to those elections to BTA members only.
For all mailings, BTA researches the candidates and issues, then recommends fiscally conservative candidates and tax or spending proposals. Eighty percent to 99 percent of Bedford voters have agreed with BTA’s voting recommendations thus keeping tax increases minimal.
Any Bedford taxpayer – person, family, or company – may join BTA, and then receive all future mailings. Joining is simple; just mail a check or money order to BTA, P.O. Box 10473, Bedford, NH 03110.
Annual membership dues are: Individual $20, Couple/Family $30, Small Business (Up to 100 employees) $50, Large Business (more than 100 employees) $250. Donations may also be made in any amount from $5 to $10,000 to help BTA fight to keep spending reasonable and taxes affordable.
For additional information on BTA, its history and present goals email, call 472-3421 or fax 471-0435.


Bedford Taxpayers Association