Proposed gas station and convenience store raises safety concerns for Bedford

To the Editor:

Everyone knows that convenience stores carry an inherent risk of criminal activity that is not associated with other establishments.

I find it troubling that Bedford is considering allowing a gas station/convenience store to be built at the intersection of Route 101 and Hardy Road, which abuts a densely populated residential area. While I do not know what the hours of operation will be, I anticipate the store will be open into the late evening hours, and possibly even open 24 hours.

My concerns over safety and security are compounded by the fact that Bedford residents are repeatedly being told that a second police/fire substation is needed, as the men and women who currently strive to keep Bedford safe are besieged with calls along the South River Road corridor and need additional resources to serve the community as a whole. If our existing force is already so stretched, why on earth is Bedford considering the development of a late night gas station/convenience store in a densely populated residential area? This seems to be a huge step in the wrong direction in terms of keeping Bedford safe.

I urge fellow neighbors to attend the meeting on Feb. 18 to air our concern over this proposed usage.