Proposed Hess station is wrong for Bedford

To the Editor:

Word on the street is that the Hess man may be coming to town.

A proposal for a large-scale Hess station at the corner of Hardy Road and Route 101 has been filed with the town. For those of us who have been proud to make Bedford our home, or who have grown up here, the idea of a Hess mega station along the Route 101 corridor is simply unthinkable.

Not only is the thought of a massive Hess station along the Route 101 corridor a major disappointment to those of us who had hoped the corridor would be developed with businesses that would enhance the vibrancy of our community by bringing people together in a meaningful way – i.e. restaurants, book stores, other professional services as we do not need an other Route 3/South River Road corridor – but the location of the proposed project is downright bad. A high volume, fast-paced business operational during morning/evening rush hours and late into the evening is a catalyst for disaster.

Those of us who travel the Route 101 corridor on a daily basis are well aware of the safety risks associated with this stretch of road. Accidents are frequent as drivers jockey for position shortly after the Route 101/Hardy light where the road narrows from two lanes down to one. Right-hand access into the proposed station shortly after this traffic light will only compound an existing safety concern. My son’s friend was recently in a major car accident along this corridor when he was trying to make a left-hand turn from Route 101 into Elite Fitness, and was rear-ended by an inattentive driver. This corridor is heavily traveled, congested, and simply cannot support a high traffic volume business such as the one that has been proposed.

For the safety of all drivers on this Route 101 corridor, I urge the town to turn down this proposed project.