Too many Bedford voters missed an important meeting

To the Editor:

Last Wednesday night (Jan. 29), too many of Bedford’s voters missed a large meeting of singular importance to themselves, their families and their community.

Almost 60 voters filled a large room at the Bedford Public Library and met with our state legislators, the Bedford School Board, school superintendent, assistant school superintendent, the Town Council and the interim town manager. These voters had the opportunity to meet and interact both informally and formally for almost three hours.

They discussed issues, questions and the direction that Bedford has taken and will take over the course of this next year. No topic and no emotion were off limits. For example, people spoke passionately about their concerns from taxes, licensed marijuana, school curriculum, the issuance of RFPs, to the size of the state liquor store’s sign and many more issues that affect all of us in Bedford. You missed a great meeting, because as the Bedford citizens spoke, the elected officials listened and responded.

This exchange of ideas, moderated by Sen. Andy Sanborn and senior House Rep. John Graham, was the first this year of what will probably be three meetings annually. I hope in the spring that you too will join so many of your neighbors and friends and come to the next meeting.

It will be well worth your time and interest as this is the vital connection between the elected officials of your state and your town.


Bedford Town Council