Vote No on proposed Bedford school budget

To the Editor:

I attended the Bedford School District deliberative session on Feb. 4. I was impressed with the professionalism of our school board and administrators.

I appreciate the respectful tone they maintain and I want to give them credit for leading the district to national and state recognition. This is evidence of their tireless devotion to the work of education.

These very qualities of professionalism, good leadership and devotion account for the excellence in our schools because numerous studies have shown there is no correlation between dollars spent per pupil and academic success. See

The success of the Bedford schools comes from dedicated teachers, administrators and school board members. More credit is due to the parents who invest themselves in the education of their children by supporting them with tutors and other resources as needed.

Finally, the kids themselves deserve credit for their hard work! These are qualities of character which money cannot buy.

The school budget gobbles up 72 percent of our town budget. There are many other pressing needs in our town and I was saddened to hear our senior citizens pleading for no more school tax increases. During these economic hard times, we are all being asked to do more with less. I am confident that our school district can continue its excellent work with a default budget of $63.5 million instead of the proposed budget of $64.1 million.

I urge everyone to vote no to the proposed budget on March 11.