No need for another gas station on Route 101 in Bedford

To the Editor:

What is the need for a third gas station in a three-mile stretch of Route 101 in Bedford?

Do we want the town to start resembling some of the other southern New Hampshire towns that have allowed rampant growth, which once started tends to continue? The two existing gas stations have been providing fuel for residents and traffic passing through without causing any backup onto the highway.

I cannot comprehend any sound reasoning to understand how another station can be justified. I realize that eventually a business will go in there but hopefully it will be a business that does not flaunt the current restrictions. The location of this gas station is within 50 feet of a wetland and closer to the road than required; both issues in themselves, and both requiring variances.

The proposed gas station with eight to 12 gas pumps, a convenience store, extended hours, being at least 5 a.m. to midnight or more, and the increased truck traffic exiting and entering Route 101, near an intersection that already poses problems for the nearby residents to gain access to the road, certainly will present a myriad of safety issues. Can you imagine trailer trucks slowing down as they approach the intersection of Hardy and Jenkins roads in preparation to turn into the station, or using a secondary road such as Hardy Road to access the gas station and causing significant delays getting through the traffic signals?

The eastbound traffic will have to cross the westbound lane to get into the site. Anyone who has turned onto Hardy Road from the westbound side of Route 101 has experienced the long wait for the green arrow at the lights. Imagine making that turn at rush hour without the aid of the traffic signals or having to use an access road, which in itself will cause delays. The extended hours typically tends to increase crime in areas that are isolated and open late.

Also, this neighborhood is populated by property owners who purchased their properties looking to not have businesses so close to them; a gas large gas station of this type could definitely negatively influence property values. Can people purchasing property in Bedford be comfortable that the location of that property will remain as it regarding restrictions?