Bedford Taxpayers Association is committed to fiscal responsibility

To the Editor:

Bedford Taxpayers Association would like voters to understand our commitment to fiscal responsibility on behalf of all residents living in Bedford.

This is a town where we enjoy a comfortable way of life in a pleasant community. Recent articles in the local papers left readers with the false impression that BTA does not support spending tax dollars on services that would help maintain the quality of life we have all come to expect. BTA is totally committed to maintaining the needed services that draw families and individuals to this town.

When analyzing budgets, candidates and warrant articles, BTA tries to research as much as possible. We take our time so that taxpayers can trust the advice offered. If BTA does not support spending tax dollars on certain proposals, it may not be because we think the project or work is not needed. It could mean that the proposal is not fiscally responsible.

Articles that were published prior to the election criticized BTA for not supporting the $30 million road bond. BTA did not endorse that unrestricted warrant article, but is committed to supporting road improvements that are funded responsibly. A six-year $30 million the road bond does not allow residents the opportunity to vote on road repairs each year. If Bedford voters determine they want to cut or even add to the road repairs in two or four years, that decision cannot be changed.  

This bond adds interest to the cost of road repairs, and was passed by only 22 percent (3,365) of Bedford’s 15,000 registered voters. It would be better to put $5 million in the budget each year, let voters decide if the repairs will be accomplished at the proposed expense, and still meet the needs of maintaining Bedford roads. Residents can decide when and how to spend their tax money and reduce costs, because there is no added interest.  

We appeal to those who are elected to serve the town of Bedford to make a strong commitment to fiscal restraint. BTA is willing to work closely with our elected representatives. However, we want to be clear that our commitment is to fiscal responsibility, so residents who do not have the ability to shoulder higher taxes are not ignored in this process. 

Residents who want to help us in this goal are always encouraged to join BTA and support our efforts.